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DOE Funding Leads to New Technology that is Revolutionizing Chemical Analysis (November 2015)
CCEI's carbon detection technology is commercialized by Activated Research Company (ARC) and is recognized as the 2015 Best New Product by the Gulf Coast Conference for its novel design and universal application to GC/FID analysis.

CCEI Researchers Invent New Chemical Detector (January 2015)
CCEI researchers invent the Quantitative Carbon Detector (QCD), a new device that identifies and quantifies chemical compounds in complex mixtures, such as fuels, oils, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food, and has a significant impact on the amount of time required for chemical analysis.

CCEI Teams with Consumer Goods and Car Companies in Renewable Plastics Research (August 2014)
CCEI announces a research program with the Plant PET Technology Collaborative (PTC) to explore methods of producing renewable beverage bottles, packaging, automotive components and fabric from biomass.

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