University of Delaware

CCEI Patents and Patent Applications

  1. Production of Para-xylene by Catalytically Reacting 2,5-Dimethylfuran and Ethylene in a Solvent
    Dauenhauer, P. J.; Williams, C. L.; Vlachos, D. G.; Lobo, R. F.; Chang, C.-C.; Fan, W.
  2. Direct Carbon Fuel Cell and Stack Designs
    Gorte, R. J.; Oh, T.-S.
  3. Rapid Synthesis of Beta Zeolites
    Fan, W.; Chang, C.-C.; Dornath, P.
  4. Selective Production of Para-xylene by Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass
    Huber, G.W.; Cheng, Y.-T.; Fan, W.; Wang, Z.
  5. One-Step Synthesis of Mesoporous Pentasil Zeolite with Single-Unit-Cell Lamellar Structural Features
    Tsapatsis, M.; Zhang, X.
  6. Zeolite Nanosheet Membrane
    Tsapatsis, M.
  7. Catalysts for the Isomerization of Sugars
    Moliner-Marin, M.; Roman-Leshkov, Y.; Davis, M. E.; Nikolla, E.
  8. Systems and Processes for Catalytic Pyrolysis of Biomass and Hydrocarbonaceous Materials for Production of Aromatics with Optional Olefin Recycle, and Catalysts Having Selected Particle Size for Catalytic Pyrolysis
    Cheng, Y.-T.; Huber, G.W.
  9. Catalytic Pyrolysis of Solid Biomass and Related Biofuels, Aromatic, and Olefin Compounds
    Cheng, Y.-T.; Huber, G.W.; Vipute, T.; Carlson, T.; Jae, J.; Tompsett, G.