University of Delaware

Modular Manufacturing Workshop

   Sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy

A modular manufacturing workshop (MMW) took place on January 17 & 18, 2017 at the Holiday Inn in Arlington at Ballston.

The objective of the workshop was to identify the current state of research, the challenges, and the opportunities in this area and develop a roadmap that could be used for future fundamental research. Key areas that were covered included separations, catalysis, reactors, systems engineering, and other cross cutting topics (e.g., modeling, materials, and education) along with important applications that modular manufacturing could have an impact on.

Invited Speakers

Areas Name Affiliation Presentation Title
Separations William Koros Georgia Institute of Technology Gas Separation Systems: Modular Tools for Process Intensification
Michael Tsapatsis University of Minnesota  
Robert Giraud Chemours Company Sustainable Separations for Modular Chemical Manufacturing
Georges Belfort Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Challenges and Research needs for Modular Design and Process Intensification for Fractionation of Liquids
Catalysis Cathy Tway Dow Chemical Company  
Levi Thompson University of Michigan Using Cascade Concepts to Design More Energy and Atom Efficient Heterogeneous Catalysts
Susannah L. Scott University of California, Santa Barbara Designing Resilient Catalysts For Modular Applications
Mike Reynolds Shell Oil Company  
Reactors & Reaction Engineering Liang-Shih Fan Ohio State University Chemical Looping Gasification and Reforming: Modularization Strategy for Syngas Generation with CO2 as Feedstock
Georgios Stefanidis University of Leuven Electrification of Chemical Reactors for Process Intensification: Power-to-Chemicals using Microwaves and Plasma
Nicholas Bridge UOP LLC – Honeywell  
Martin van Sint Annaland Technische Universiteit Eindhoven Challenges in designing fluidized bed membrane modules
Process & Systems Ignacio Grossmann Carnegie Mellon University Centralized Versus Distributed Manufacturing: A Continuous Location-Allocation Problem
Michael Baldea University of Texas, Austin Modular Chemical Production Systems: Economics, Design and Operations
Marianthi Ierapetritou Rutgers University  
Erik Ydstie Carnegie Mellon University  
Cross-cutting Technologies Jeff Rimer University of Houston  
Anna Lee Tonkovich Tonkomo LLC. Accelerating Development of Modular Process Intensification Technology
Jim Davis University of California, Los Angeles Smart Manufacturing and Modularization (Process Intensification with Data)
Phil Westmoreland North Carolina State University Developing An Intellectual and Educational Framework For Modular Process Intensification
Lunch Speakers
Day 1 Dane Boysen Cyclotron Road Democratizing Energy Technology
Day 2 Raghubir Gupta RTI International A Case Study in Technological and Business Challenges of a Modular Process Technology


Last Name, First Name Affiliation Email
Adams, Thad Savannah River National Laboratory
Adomaitis, Ray University of Maryland
Aurand, Emily National Science Foundation
Balan, Prakash National Science Foundation
Baldea, Michael The University of Texas at Austin
Belfort, Georges Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Bequette, B. Wayne Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Bielenberg, James Exxonmobil
Bollas, George University of Connecticut
Boysen, Dane Cyclotron Road
Bridge, Nicholas Honeywell UOP
Bruce, Tatarchuk Auburn University
Calloway, Thomas Savannah River National Laboratory
Carole, Read National Science Foundation
Castaldi, Marco City College of New York, CUNY
Chadwell, Brad Energetics Incorporated
Chang, Qing Stony Brook University
Cremaschi, Selen Auburn University
Dauenhauer, Paul University of Minnesota
Davis, Jim University of California, Los Angeles
Dindi, Hasan DuPont
Eichner, Melissa Energetics Incorporated
Epling, William University of Virginia
Fan, L.S. Ohio State University
Fisher, James Department of Energy/NETL
Fletcher, Karen AIChE (RAPID Manufacturing Institute)
Fulay, Pradeep P. West Virginia University
Gaffney, Anne M. Idaho National Laboratory
Gatzke, Edward University of South Carolina
Georgakis, Christos Tufts University
Giles, Lauren Energetics Incorporated
Giraud, Robert The Chemours Company
Goyal, Amit Southern Research
Grassi, Vince Lehigh University
Grossmann, Ignacio Carnegie Mellon University
Gupta, Raghubir RTI International
Hanjing, Tian West Virginia University
Hasan, Faruque Texas A&M University
Herzfeld, Jennyfer Energetics Incorporated
Hock, Adam Illinois Institute of Technology
Hu, John (Jianli) West Virginia University
Ierapetritou, Marianthi Rutgers University
Jenks, Cynthia Ames Laboratory
Jiao, Feng University of Delaware
Jones, Andrew Activated Research Company
King, Cindy University of Delaware
Koros, William Georgia Institute of Technology
Kokkinos, Angelos Department of Energy  
Kovvali, Anjaneya ExxonMobil Research and Engineering
Krause, Theodore Argonne National Laboratory
Kusiak, Andrew The University of Iowa
Lage, Jose Southern Methodist University
Lee, Jennifer Royal Society of Chemistry
Lerou, Jan Jan Lerou Consulting, LLC
Li, Fanxing North Carolina State University
Lighty, JoAnn National Science Foundation
Lima, Fernando West Virginia University
Lin, Hongfei Washington State University
Liu, Dongxia University of Maryland
Lobo, Raul University of Delaware
Lueking, Angela National Science Foundation
Makila, Tommi Energetics Incorporated
Marler, David ExxonMobil Research & Engineering
Marton, Andras Hydrocarbon Processing and Transportation Independent Project Analysis, Inc.
McCabe, Robert National Science Foundation
Mehta, Rajesh National Science Foundation
Miller, David U.S. Dept. of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory
Miller, David C. Department of Energy/NETL
Moloy, Kenneth National Science Foundation
Mountziaris, Lakis National Science Foundation  
Mountziaris, T.J. National Science Foundation
Ohadi, Michael M. University of Maryland
Patience, Gregory Polytechnique Montreal
Peden, Chuck Department of Energy/BES/Catalysis Science Program
Pellegrino, Joan Energetics Incorporated
Pereira, Carmo DuPont
Pfromm, Peter Kansas State University
Read, Carole National Science Foundation
Reynolds, Michael Shell Exploration and Production Company
Rezaei, Fateme Missouri University of Science & Technol
Ribeiro, Fabio Purdue University
Rimer, Jeffrey University of Houston
Rownaghi, Ali Missouri University of Science and Technology
Sastri, Bhima Department of Energy
Schottel, Brandi National Science Foundation
Schwartz, Viviane Department of Energy/BES
Schwartz, Harrison Energetics Inc.
Scott, Susannah University of California, Santa Barbara
Shiflett, Mark University of Kansas
Stefanidis, Georgios University of Leuven
Thompson, Levi University of Michigan
Tonkovich, Anna Lee Tonkomo
Tsapatsis, Michael University of Minnesota
Tway, Cathy The Dow Chemical Company
van Sint Annaland, Martin Eindhoven University of Technology
Veser, Goetz University of Pittsburgh
Vlachos, Dion University of Delaware
Weber, Robert Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Westmoreland, Phillip North Carolina State Univ / CESMII
Wilhite, Benjamin Texas A&M University
Wong, Hsi-Wu University of Massachusetts Lowell
Xu, Bingjun University of Delaware
Yagoobi, Jamal Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Ydstie, Erik Carnegie Mellon University
Yoon, Seongkyu University of Massachusetts
Zavala, Victor University of Wisconsin-Madison

Organizing Committee
Marianthi Ierapetritou, Rutgers University
Paul Dauenhauer, University of Minnesota
Adam Hock, Illinois Institute of Technology
Dion Vlachos, University of Delaware